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Alumni members of PlaceMatters

Chris Haller

Chris is a nationally-recognized user experience designer and online engagement strategist, with a broad background in local government, urban and regional planning and communication technologies. Chris founded Urban Interactive Studio (UIS) to provide interactive, intuitive web and mobile applications that help people engage with planning and decision-making in their communities. Chris develops web and mobile applications, including UIS’s EngagingPlans platform, and custom projects he designs for clients. Chris is also founder and publisher of the EngagingCities online magazine, where he writes about trends in urban planning and public involvement. In April 2011 he was named one of the Top 25 thinkers in Urban Planning Technology by the urban planning magazine Planetizen.

PlaceMatters was very open about exploration and sharing best practices even before open source became hip. That mentality shapes how we work today in digital and online engagement. It was a very inspiring place to work.Chris worked as a Technology Adviser at PlaceMatters for more than two years, as the organization was starting up. He joined the staff just as the Web 2.0 concept was forming and high-tech tools like collaborative mapping, online engagement, and keypad polling were still new. He credits PlaceMatters with letting staff members explore and experiment, which led to some of the organization’s best-known skills and offerings. Chris was a key innovator around these new technologies at PlaceMatters, helping to develop forward-thinking approaches like remote meeting participation and the software and technology to support them.

Chris has continued to collaborate regularly with PlaceMatters on projects and tool development since he left to form UIS in 2007.

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