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Jason Lally

San Francisco is one of the nation's leading cities, when it comes to open data. And Jason Lally, working closely with the City's Chief Data Officer, is helping to ensure that the City's open data strategy and approach becomes institutionalized in every department and process. San Francisco has around 50 data coordinators throughout the City; Jason's role is to work with each of them on inventorying existing data sets; identifying resources needed to implement open data strategies; training data coordinators on managing, using and sharing data; and finding new technologies that can make their jobs easier and more efficient. The City's Open Data Legislation requires departments and managers to share data; Jason is working to make sure that can happen in a way that is sustainable and prioritizes resources.

When I first started at PlaceMatters, our vision was to bring data and information into community decision-making processes and governance. I'm now in a position where I can realize what that looks like from a city perspective. The vision is easier to see because I worked with so many other cities and regions on similar issues.Jason brings a unique perspective to the job. As the former Director of the Decision Lab at PlaceMatters, Jason's focus was on helping cities and towns to improve data-informed decision-making. Now, working with San Francisco, Jason is setting up the infrastructure to do that on the ground. At PlaceMatters, Jason worked at the intersection of technology, tools, data and processes. He worked closely with staff on experimenting with better approaches to engaging people and producing informed outcomes. Part of that job was bringing data and technology into community processes, and interacting with people who have varying degrees of data literacy. That helps Jason bring particular insights to his role in San Francisco, regarding what data managers need and how to support them in integrating open data into existing processes and workflows.

Jason continues to stay involved at PlaceMatters, including advising on CrowdGauge, Brainstorm Anywhere, and other tools that he helped to build.

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