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Alumni members of PlaceMatters

Jocelyn Hittle

Colorado State University is more than just an academic institution. Jocelyn helps CSU make a big contribution to projects that make Denver a more sustainable, vibrant, and equitable city. She is currently focused on the National Western Center, a large redevelopment project in North Denver. The site hosts the famous National Western Stock Show each year; this project seeks to add year-round opportunities for people to experience world-class cultural events, learn about food systems and sustainability, and conduct research. Jocelyn is engaging the university community as partners and creating a sustainability framework for the redevelopment. She is also working to engage the surrounding communities in ways that support their goals and enhance this emerging gateway to the City of Denver.

PlaceMatters’ brings a commitment to hard work in the service of communities, while also retaining a sense of fun, creativity, and a focus on improving state of the art practices. Those values have shaped my approach and priorities in my professional life.Jocelyn held different positions at PlaceMatters, from its spinoff in 2007 until 2013. She worked as a project manager, shepherding many of PlaceMatters’ most seminal projects, including those under the Sustainable Communities Initiative. She transitioned to Associate Director, working more on strategic planning, fundraising and organizational management. Jocelyn helped grow the organization in many areas; during her tenure, the staff grew from two to seven, PlaceMatters developed new strengths, and solidified its reputation as a cutting-edge practitioner of engaged, inclusive and informed decision-making.

Jocelyn continues to work with PlaceMatters in her new role, both in thinking about ways to meaningfully engage stakeholders in the National Western Center, and in creating a sustainability framework for the project.

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