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PlaceMatters at New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

We hope that you got a chance to visit us at the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference here in Denver the week of February 14th, but in case you didn’t, here’s a recap of some of the cool things we helped put on. You’ll also be hearing more from us soon regarding several of these topics […]

Tech Fair at New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

An Interactive Demonstration of Tools for Smart Planning FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014 — 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM Take a stroll through the Technology Fair and try out cutting edge tools for scenario planning and public engagement. You can also talk to leading tool developers and users about how to put these tools to work […]

Visit PlaceMatters at the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

PlaceMatters is excited to sponsor the 13th annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference taking place here in Denver February 13-16, 2014.  Along with EPA and the Open Source Planning Tools Collaborative, PlaceMatters will be hosting a Tech Fair on Friday, February 14, from 9AM to 3PM, showcasing cutting edge tools for scenario planning and […]

Thoughts on New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

The New Partners for Smart Growth conference is winding down.  It’s been great to be with a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners, hearing about how public health, conservation, disability access, historic preservation, and other disciplines can all come together into one concept for creating more livable, sustainable communities. Many of the sessions are focusing on rural […]

Checking in from New Partners for Smart Growth

In the interest of time (I have to get going to dinner soon), I wanted to check in from New Partners for Smart Growth in Charlotte, NC and give a really high-level overview of what I’ve gleaned from this conference so far.  In the near future, I’ll post a more in depth report on our […]

Unsolicited Architecture for Celebration and Place Making

At the 2016 New Partners for Smart Growth conference, PlaceMatters set up an exhibit demonstrating ways to incorporate pop-up design into community planning and stakeholder engagement. At the front end of the exhibit was a pocket park featuring a geodesic dome made out of umbrellas. I got the idea from photos I had seen of […]

Next Steps for Kayla Gilbert

It is with both mournfulness and excitement that I write this announcement: I have taken a new position with the City and County of Denver’s Department of Environmental Health and am concluding my work at PlaceMatters. I have sincerely enjoyed and appreciated my time here–my amazing colleagues, our inspiring partners, and our great clients. Through […]

Interactive Technology Demonstrations at the NPSG Tech Fair

New technologies and tools are constantly being further developed and explored and have garnered attention as ways to engage more stakeholders in community planning and decision-making efforts. To demonstrate some of the great tools available out there, we hosted the second annual Tech Fair, along with EPA and the Open Planning Tools Group, at the New Partners for […]

WALKscope: Crowdsourced Pedestrian Data

It’s easy to look around most American cities and guess (correctly) where most of our transportation infrastructure funding is spent: on auto-oriented projects. As transportation infrastructure became more complex and within the purview of the public sector, planners and engineers developed the data and methodologies we needed to track what infrastructure exists and how it’s […]