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Cape Cod by PlaceMatters

PlaceMatters led a team including Placeways, LLC, and the University of Colorado Denver Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Systems and Transportation Research Center to create an interactive scenario planning exercise that examined the impacts of various housing and employment scenarios on greenhouse gas emissions and vulnerability to sea level rise on Cape Cod.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (the Volpe Center) coordinated a number of key federal, state, regional and local partners including the Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife Service, NOAA, the Cape Cod Commission, and Cape Cod town planners that participated in this process as a model for future climate change discussions. PlaceMatters’ task was to design a pilot stakeholder scenario planning process that attempted to address transportation-related aspects of climate change factors as well as possible adaptation approaches on Cape Cod.

PlaceMatters worked closely with Placeways and the University of Colorado to develop a workshop interface that allowed participants to place jobs, housing and transportation on digital map, using low-cost touch tables that PlaceMatters built. Participants could then see the performance of their scenario against several metrics in real time.

Placeways’ CommunityViz™ scenario planning tool quickly analyzed and reported performance through easy to understand charts and other visual representations. The interactive feedback and ability to turn on and off map layers enabled a detailed conversation about the complex impacts of development patterns on greenhouse gas emissions, and potential climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.