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Hamakua Community Development Plan by PlaceMatters

PlaceMatters was part of an interdisciplinary team led by PBR HAWAII that worked with the County of Hawai'i Planning Department to develop the Hamakua Community Development Plan. The planning process engaged residents in envisioning a sustainable future for the Hamakua region on the Eastern side of the island. PlaceMatters assisted with community outreach, created an interactive website, and conducted scenario analyses using GIS and ecosystem-based management tools.

PlaceMatters set up a mechanism for Hamakua residents to submit photographs of the region with comments about strengths and challenges. We also designed and facilitated interactive public workshops, where the impacts of various alternatives were readily available to help participants make informed decisions about the future of a region with many cultural, economic, historical and natural resources. For these workshops, PlaceMatters employed CommunityViz, an ArcGIS extension that creates easy to understand scenario comparisons on a wide variety of indicators.